A POTTERS COLLECTION is the private collection site of EISMONT DESIGN STUDIO GALLERY. This site will feature a variety of art and/or artifact from a 50 year collection of American art and ceramics collected by Rostislav and Jeani Eismont. Works from other private collections and now available for a new appreciation may also become available at times. Whether painting, pottery, book, or object, familiar or unfamiliar, we hope to provide a pleasant surprise. Please visit us again as we are continually adding to our presentation. (note prices do not include shipping and packing). For more information, images, or if you are searching for something specific please do not hesitate to give us a call or use the contact form at eismont.com/contact Note: Images are not to scale.

left: Michael Simon Box, c1990s, POR. center: Richard Batterham, covered jar, c1970s, $225. right: Sandy Simon, earthenware teapot, c1990s, POR

left: Finn Alban, porcelain mug, salt glaze, fumed, c1970s, $100. center: Ron Meyers, earthenware bowl, c1980s, $175. right: Mark Pharis, cup, c2000s, $145

Rostislav Eismont, sake cup, handbuilt, temmoku glaze, 2017, $150 (Palliative Pour exhibition NCECA 2018)

left: Warren MacKenzie, bowl with spout, c2000s, $325. center: Warren MacKenzie, bowl, c2000s, shino, paddled pattern, boat shape, (no stamp) $400. right: Warren MacKenzie, bowl, c1970s, repair on rim, (no stamp). One of a pair, $110

left: Warren MacKenzie, porcelain covered jar, c2000s, $325. center: Warren MacKenzie, bowl with handles, c1980s, (double stamp, second stamp is Stillwater Pottery) $225. right: Warren MacKenzie, small bowl, c1990s, (no stamp) $200

left: Warren MacKenzie, porcelain cutlery strainer, c1970s, (damaged foot, usage signs, not repaired) $165. center: Warren MacKenzie, bowl, c2000s, $200. right: Warren MacKenzie, bowl, 1972, (rare glaze usage, made at Penland, double stamp, Mac’s Penland stamp), $425

left: Warren MacKenzie, vase, c1972s, (rare glaze usage, made at Penland, no stamp) $375. center: Warren MacKenzie, small covered jar, c2000s, $225. right: Warren MacKenzie, small pitcher, c1980s, $175.

left: Gerry Williams, yunomi, c1990s, $200. right: Gerry Williams, vase, c1990s, $675.

left: Randy Johnston, soy bottle, c1980s, $225. right: Shawn Ireland, soy bottle, c1980s, $125.