We are a multi-service design studio. Those services have ranged from conceiving and implementing personal and corporate graphics to environmental design to long-term magazine (see the Studio Potter page) design to annual reports to design consulting to editing. With a combined design and editorial background, Rostislav (Rosti) and Jeani Eismont bring an unsurpassed level of experience and attention to detail to any design or editorial problem.

A magazine-like flipbook is a new function we’ve added for websites we design and host. A current example is the exhibition catalogue for Rob Barnard which was physically printed in a limited edition of 300 copies, but now also available for online viewing which mimics the page-turning experience of the physical product . . .   still working on adding the smell of fresh ink and the touch of real paper! A more recent venture has been an art gallery where we offer our own work as well as the work of a select group of artists. AND scroll down on this page to view a short video interview with Rosti which was produced in advance of the presentations of 2016 Ruth and James Ewing Arts Awards . . .   Rosti being a recipient. The SALE page aka A Potter’s Collection is where pots, paintings and artifacts from our 50 year collection are or will be available for purchase. CONTACT for inquiries or message via FB or call. Cash, check, pp or cc accepted. And then there is Rosti’s instagram page where paintings, pots, as well as other visual events . . .   mostly current, take place (Jeani is still working on her own instagram page)

INTRO: A Potter’s Collection. TOP ROW: Current web projects in process and the recently completed site for artist/photographer Peter Roos. MIDDLE ROW: Two recently completed online catalogues (click on either to view, each on their respective websites). At left is a preview sample of the John Glick retrospective coming to Cranbrook Art Museum in June 2016. On the right is the catalogue for the Malcolm Wright exhibition at the Blanden Memorial Art Museum in 2000. Pictured on the far right is an image of Rosti’s latest and newly produced “yunomi” (everyday tea cup). After a 35 year hiatus making some everyday pots for use! Clicking on the image will lead to a page of historic ceramic works made at the Red Mill Pottery studio in Peekskill, New York as well a sampling of recent works. BOTTOM ROW: Newly completed painting (and details) for benefit auction at Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT, May 21, 2016. Central image is a recently completed patio using Goshen stone pavers. FAR RIGHT: a detail of Jeani's water colors... more images to come. BELOW: A short video interview for the Ruth and James Ewing Art Award.

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